Gigi Studios

Gigi Studios is one of Barcelona’s leading family-owned eyewear companies, now present in more than 45 countries. Patricia Ramo, CEO and Creative Director has combined her contemporary vision of eyewear design with the savoir-faire of her father, Lluis Ramo, reshaping and transforming the company founded by her grandfather in 1962.

Now known as a young, dynamic brand driven by fashion culture in its most artistic and creative forms.  GIGI Studios designs are the result of constant improvement, a process of exploration through materials, shapes, and colours seeking designs that enhance the uniqueness of the individual.

GIGI Studios’ focus on tradition instead of mass production. With a strong emphasis on genuine craftsmanship, each frame requires over 100 steps to meet the label’s high standards and ensure the frames fulfil their main purpose: comfort, functionality and durability.

GIGI frames are designed to fit different faces and lifestyles, and to satisfy different aesthetic and expressive needs. At Temple Eyewear we curate our optical and sunglasses range from the five collections offered by Gigi: VANGUARD, ICONS, MEN, LAB, and XS.