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Why wear contact lenses?

When taken care of properly contact lenses have some definite up sides such as great peripheral vision and they never fog up.  As a complimentary vision solution to glasses, contact lenses offer freedom from many of the challenges associated with wearing glasses such as playing sport, certain vacation activities or that really special occasion.

Who can wear contact lenses?

Just about anyone. In recent years the technology in contact lenses has bounded forwards in comfort and function. Even if you just need reading glasses, contact lenses can work for you. Additionally, the myth that you can’t wear contacts if you have astigmatism is now truly a myth.

Costing less than one coffee a day contact lenses are an affordable alternative to glasses even for youth sports players on the weekend.

It’s important to appreciate that contact lenses may not be able to achieve the same high performance of spectacle lenses, and this depends on your eyewear prescription. So do discuss contact lenses with one of our optical professionals to fully understand what kind of lenses suit and fit your eyes as one type does not suit all wearers.