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Quite simply, the gorgeous frame is nothing without a carefully crafted, high performance lens that does everything you need it to do. Each lens is entirely an individual process.

At Temple Eyewear our aim is to ensure that you see as good as you look in your new glasses. In fact, it’s the reason we created Temple and set our bar high for what we believe needs to be achieved for every client.

Healthy vision and achieving the best optical outcome requires a personalised approach and a full understanding that each of our clients lifestyle’s will vary, and that work environments are even more demanding on our vision than ever. Matching lenses and lens enhancements that can help deliver to your specific needs often requires a degree of technical optical knowledge lacking in many practices. Temple Eyewear was born out of a desire to bring together the very best of technical and clinical knowledge with an unrivalled choice of beautifully crafted frames to suit every face and personality.

To deliver the highest quality lenses we have partnered with Shamir, a global leader in ophthalmic technology with its Australian headquarters right here in our local area. Their industry leading technology, design and manufacturing make them the best possible partner to deliver a high performance lens for you.

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Lifestyle and specialised eyewear

Temple eyewear have a range of specialist eyewear dedicated to sporting activities and environments that require impact resistant eyewear. Whether you are a cyclist or snow boarder, a surgeon or engineer we can work with you .