Coming, Going & Staying – 2024 Eyewear Trends

Fashion experts state there’s no denying that 2023 was the year of accessories. All eyes are now turning to eyewear as the ultimate accessory for 2024 even if you don’t need to wear glasses. 1. Full Transparency A style that…

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Are your devices causing you digital eye strain?

Have you noticed your eyes are more irritated and tired than usual? You’re definitely not the only one. For most of us, digital devices have a strong and growing presence in our lives. Computers, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices…

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Our Top Helpful Tips for Healthy Contact Lens Care & Maintenance

This is sound advice for existing and new contact lens wearers. Something we have noticed is that with the considerable improvements and convenience in disposable and daily contact lenses, we see many people who have forgotten the basic "must dos"…

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