Coming, Going & Staying – 2024 Eyewear Trends

April 29, 2024

Fashion experts state there’s no denying that 2023 was the year of accessories. All eyes are now turning to eyewear as the ultimate accessory for 2024 even if you don’t need to wear glasses.

1. Full Transparency

A style that lets light shine through. The translucent nature means that they can flatter most face shapes, it avoids hair colour clash and highlights facial features plus wearers can experiment with chunkier acetates for a cool bookish look. While totally clear frames are a continuing trend in our opinion they don’t work for all skin tones, they especially suit those with a darker complexion. If that’s not you, subtle pastel tints such as peach, soft pink, and sunshine yellow can brighten the face and balance skin tones. Sage and light grey tints work for guys also as this trend is totally unisex.


2. Larger Than Life Or So Retro

If you held onto your decades-old frames, you have a leg up on this trend as nostalgic looks are back. Thick 60’s vintage was on show for Spring/Summer 24 Fashion week shows and new interpretations of cat-eyes are trending younger. Keep your fashion modern to pull off this ‘quiet luxury’ wardrobe trend. 70’s inspired oversize straight out of Daisy Jones & The Six or look for new supersized twists like XL Aviators smashing us right into the 80’s.

Check with your optician before you fall in love with the big, bold, oversize as a larger frame may also become a heavier frame, so talk about lens options first.

3. Top Bar Meets Browline

A fashion forward combination of retro aesthetics and modern chic, the flat top bar frame is a bold style statement that commands attention. A stronger sister to the ever-popular Aviator frame, for 2024 the shape gets a makeover in heavier acetate for a fresh take on this vintage-inspired look.

Slim and elegant, Clubmaster brow line styles are back for a professional powerhouse look for both men and women. Options in metals and more colour than the 80’s versions.

4. Must Have Metal

A serious gravitational pull to elevated metals is a style winner – the thinner the better. Thin metals are a clean, minimalist look for an understated, considered look. Gents think gold and silver accents for that old world money vibe.

5. Geometric Or Angles

Sharp angles are a recurring theme in 2024 cutting a striking pose. A style statement with over-sized lines they are also surprisingly flattering. Don’t think hexagonal but more experimental with bold shapes, think more angles combined with softer lines in the same style of frame. The geometric shapes are also becoming more playful and fun, watch for this 90’s style technical trend bringing abrupt angles and eye-catching designs. This trend includes a big following of the Cat-Eye, they accentuate your personality and highlight your face shape. Cat-Eyes come in gentle angles or more defined angles, lots of options here.

The Quick Eyewear Trending List – Coming, Going and Staying

The Bayonette – The 90’s rectangle is coming back thanks to celebs Bella Hadid and Doja Cat, but our prediction is only for younger trendsetters who didn’t wear it the first time around.

Rimless – This lightweight option was never gone for some, but it’s coming back. This option will be best suited to those with smaller faces and lower prescriptions.

Right Round – It’s a definite stayer, be prepared for an onslaught of rounded edges this year. Smaller rounds and ovals extend the current librarian aesthetic. Gents this trend is for you also.

Contacts – While there may be a time and place for your contacts, there has never been a cooler time to wear glasses. Give them a rest this year, they’re gone.

Hexagonal – Still very much part of the angles movement. It’s staying.

Red Hot – the ultimate accessory colour, red is coming as the “it” colour for 2024.

Tech Wear – Rooted in athletic gear aesthetics sporty tech wear is staying as a rising trend. Not for the fainthearted this one.